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Terms and Conditions


Please take a moment to review the terms and conditions set forth as applicable. Unfortunately, we have to get past all the legalese so we can assure that you have a safe and enjoyable vacation. By checking below, you agree to the terms set forth.

All Guests must be 21 years or older to reserve a home under the management of Realty by Dale Thomas (RBDT).

  1. Security Deposit

The security deposit is due and payable to Realty by Dale Thomas immediately with the reservation. A credit card is required for this initial deposit. Final payment is due 90 days prior to your check in date and may be made by personal check or through our online system, Buildium. All credit card payments are subject to a convenience fee 2.75% + $5.00. Payments made with a checking or savings account are not subject to fees. After your reservation is confirmed, a welcome email from Buildium will generate with your log in information. A 24-hour courtesy hold is available without obligation. However, once you have provided your credit card information, deposits have been made, your reservation is confirmed and subject to all cancellation fees.


  1. Security Deposit and Damages

Guest agrees to pay a security deposit of $500 which shall be in the form of a Visa, MasterCard or Discover authorization. Release of the deposit shall be subject to inspection of the rental property and will be returned within 30 days of departure in the form of a check provided there is no damage or additional charges. In the event of damage to the premises, it’s equipment, furniture, or carpeting, Guest hereby authorizes Realty by Dale Thomas to charge the credit card for the cost of any repairs, replacements, services or excessive cleaning, for all damage, breakage and/or loss incurred during his/her stay, based on the Agent’s sole discretion. Guest shall be responsible for damage costs exceeding the security deposit, including collection costs and attorney’s fees. Documentation detailing damages and charges will be provided to the Guest, should this be needed. We have never had an issue and certainly do not expect to. The old mantra of take care of it like it’s your own applies and our Guest(s) do a great job of living by this philosophy.


  1. Home and Condo Equipment

All homes and condos are privately owned and equipped for turnkey vacations. Bed linens are provided as well as bath linens. Kitchens are equipped with general appliances such as coffeemakers, toasters, and kitchen merchandise such as dishes, silverware, glassware, pots and pans.

A start up kit is placed in the units providing enough to get you through a few days stay. This includes toilet paper, paper towels, liquid hand soap, laundry soap, dishwasher and dish soap and a kitchen trash bags. If your stay is longer than a few days, a trip to the local grocery store is needed.

Your unit may or may not have a landline telephone service. Please make your own necessary arrangements prior to your arrival. Most homes do not.

Maintenance problems in the home or condo will be handled in a timely and professional manner. The rental rate will not be adjusted due to any malfunction of equipment, which includes, but is not limited to TV’s, VCR’s, DVD’s, HVAC units, hot water heaters, stoves, refrigerators, door locks, etc.


  1. Utilities

In the case of excessive use of utilities, charges will be taken from your security deposit based on the Agent’s sole discretion. Each home has a base fee rate for utilities which will be disclosed.


  1. Maximum Occupancy

Each property has a specific maximum occupancy. Take note of the maximum number of Guest(s) allowed in the homes and condos before making your reservation. Under no circumstances may more than the number of persons detailed on the Guest registration form occupy the property except by the prior written agreement of RBDT. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the property if this condition is not observed and treat the failure to meet this condition as a cancellation by the Guest and charge the associated cancellation charges outlined in the Cancellation and Refunds Policies section.


  1. Gatherings

Our properties are located in residential areas and are rented for personal vacation uses only. Parties and other large gatherings are not allowed. Prior arrangements for weddings, family reunions, etc. may be made with the permission of the Owner of the home. Those that break this rule risk forfeiture of their security deposit, rental fees and eviction. There is also a county noise ordinance that must be complied with from the hours of 10pm to 7am.


  1. No Smoking

All homes and condos are NON-SMOKING! No exceptions or forfeiture of your Security Deposit.


  1. Pet Policy

Many of our properties are pet friendly. If the home is pet friendly please be certain to comply with the weight, breed and number restrictions as set forth for the individual property. This information is listed in the overview. RBDT at it’s sole discretion may request to view recent vaccination records.

The following outlines rules related to pets:

  1. An additional security deposit of $300 is paid by Guest(s). This sum may be used by Landlord to pay for any pet damage or for any other amounts due and owing under the terms of this agreement whether pet related or not upon Guest(s) vacating the premises.
  3. Pet(s) must be kept on a leash at all times while outside of the premises. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RUN LOOSE AT ANY TIME. Guest(s) agree to fully indemnify the Management Company, Owner or Agent for any damages arising out of injury to another person or to another pet by the pet(s). Pet(s) must not be tied or kept outside door, in the hallways or on the balcony or lanai, if applicable.
  4. Guest(s) may be assigned a designated area to walk pet and Guest(s) must walk pets in that area only. Guest(s) are responsible for immediately cleaning up after pet(s).
  5. Guest(s) will be responsible for FULL replacement and/or repair cost of carpet, walls, blinds, flooring or any other items damaged in any way by pet(s). Guest(s) also will be responsible for the full cost of any exterminating that may be required because of pet(s).
  6. Guest(s) agree that approval or denial of all pets(s) is at the sole discretion of Owner or Agent. Landlord, Owner or Agent reserves the right to withdraw consent at any time by giving the Guest(s) 7 days written notice to remove pet(s) from the premises for any reason including but not limited to noise, barking, disturbances, damage, threatening behavior towards others or employees of Owner or Agent. In the event the pet(s) are not removed after notice, Guest(s) will be subject to eviction. Guest(s) agree that keeping a pet on the premises is a revocable privilege and not a right.


  1. Waterfront Properties

Guest acknowledges and agrees that Owner and Agent shall be in no way liable for damage or injury to persons or property as a result of the use of docks, use of wood docks, natural seawall present, concrete seawall present and boatlifts (if permitted). Water vessels must be within allowed footage and weight for the dockage area and boatlift capacity. Guest agrees that no one else may use the waterfront amenities and it shall not be sublet or rented by Guest. Guest agrees to notify Management of any hazardous conditions that may develop along the dock, lift or seawall if applicable. Guest agrees that Landlord or it’s Agent may withdraw consent to use the dock at any time if previously given. Guest agrees that Owner shall not be required to maintain any of the waterfront amenities if present including but not limited to any dock, lift and/or seawall. Guest agrees to remove any boat or watercraft if requested by Owner or Agent at any time. Guest may not make any modifications, alterations or additions to the waterfront amenities. Any use of waterfront is at Guest’s own risk and Guest agrees to indemnify Owner and/or Agnet for any injuries or damages suffered to Guest’s guests arising out of the use of the waterfront amenities. Guest agrees to be held liable for any damages caused to the waterfront amenities due to Guest’s use and negligence.

At no time is bait to be stored in the refrigerator/freezer of the home This must be disposed of in exterior garbage receptacles always. This is a courtesy to the Guest or Owner that comes to stay after your booking. The odor can be offensive. Additional charges will apply if this is not heeded.


  1. Private Pools


  1. This Swimming Pool is attached to and becomes a part of the Rental and Lease Agreement.
  2. If the subject property has a (swimming pool) located thereon, the Guest(s) will use the swimming pool at the Guest’s own risk. The Landlord will not be held responsible for the injuries sustained by the Guest and/or the Guest’s occupants or Guest(s) when using the swimming pool, and the Guest will indemnify the Landlord for any actions resulting from injuries to Guest and/or Guest’s occupants or Guest(s.)
  3. The Guest is responsible for keeping the swimming pool clean of debris including pool toys.
  4. The Guest agrees to allow the Landlord access at regular times to maintain the pool equipment. The Guest agrees to refrain from attempting to make any repairs or adjustments to the pool equipment or to any of the electrical wiring for the pool equipment.
  5. The Guest must immediately notify the Landlord of any repair that the swimming pool may require. The Guest is responsible for the full cost that may be due for repair and/or replacement of the swimming pool/hot tub that is required as a result of negligence by the Guest or the Guest’s occupants or Guest(s).
  6. The Guest must operate the swimming pool/hot tub in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and in a safe, responsible manner.
  7. Diving in the pool is prohibited.
  8. No pets of any kind are permitted in the swimming pool at any time.
  9. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the pool.
  10. Persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotics are not permitted in pool.
  11. Persons with colds, coughs, nasal or eye discharges, skin eruptions, open wounds, open sores or bandages not allowed in pool. If you are experiencing such symptoms, you probably need your rest anyways.
  12. Showers must be taken prior to entering pool.
  13. No shampoos or soaps in pools.
  14. Glass objects or containers, sports or electronic equipment, roller blades, bicycles, skateboards, skate shoes, etc., not allowed in pool or pool area.
  15. Smoking and/or use of tobacco products is prohibited.
  16. Eating and drinking in designated areas only.
  17. For safety of residents no running on pool deck, no climbing or jumping from structures.
  18. Horseplay on the pool deck or in the pool area is prohibited.
  19. The Guest understands that the swimming pool and/or hot tub is strictly an amenity and that the use of this amenity is not guaranteed under the terms of the lease. Any interruption or non-availability of the use of the swimming pool will not violate any terms of the lease.
  20. If the Guest violates any part of this agreement, the Guest will then be in default of the lease. In the event of a default, the Landlord may initiate legal proceedings in accordance with local and state regulations to evict or have the Guest removed from the leased premises, as well as seek judgment against the Guest for any monies owed to the Landlord as a result of the Guest’s default.
  21. Guests should not, and are not permitted to, alter or adjust the pool equipment settings. If you feel there is an issue with the pool, please contact RBDT. ANY damages will be charged accordingly.
  22. Please refrain from sitting on inside furniture with wet clothes.


  1. Homeowner’s Associations (HOA’s)

Some of our properties have general rules and regulations as part of their HOA’s.

Others have forms which need to be completed by the Guest and submitted with a fee attached. Properties with fees are stipulated in the reservation with a base fee applied which will include 2 persons (married). The description line for the property will indicate the fee per person. If your party has additional Guests you will receive a notice with the additional charge amount and a second payment will be needed to be made for such charges.

  1. Additional Provisions

The Agent may enter the premises at any time in the event of an emergency but will use their best effort to provide a 24-hour notice for normal maintenance or necessary inspections.

On occasion, it may be necessary to change the accommodation you have selected, and we reserve the right to substitute a comparable accommodation without notice or liability. Where such changes are considered a significant alteration, we undertake to advise you as soon as is reasonably possible. You will have the choice of either accepting the alternative arrangements and charges or once instructions have been received in writing from you, you will receive a refund of all monies paid.

Refunds do not apply where performance of our contract with you is prevented by risk of war or threat of war, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorists’ activity, natural and nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, Red Tide, technical problems to transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellations or changes of schedule by airlines, and similar events beyond our control.

In the unlikely event that, through circumstances outside of our direct control we are unable to offer you alternative accommodation in accordance with the above paragraphs, we reserve the right to cancel your accommodation. If this occurs, we will inform you as soon as possible and refund all monies paid, provided the cancellation does not arise from reasons stated in the above paragraph.

  1. Fees

A fee of $35.00 will charged for all returned checks.

  1. Cancellation and Refunds Policies

If you wish to cancel your reservation, the person who signed the guest registration form must do so by sending written confirmation (by e mail, fax, or mail). The amount payable is based upon the date RBDT receives written confirmation. Cancellation on or after 90 days prior to booking commencement will result in the forfeiture of the initial deposit that was made at the time of the reservation. Any cancelled reservation outside of the 90 days prior to your arrival date, you will receive your initial deposits back (including rental deposit and security deposit in full). Any cancelled reservations made any time after full payment is made (which is 90 days prior to your arrival date) you forfeit your entire rental payments. If we can rent the accommodation for the same period at the same rate invoiced, we will refund the full amount.

If the Guest cancels less than 90 days in advance, the nights not spent are not refunded.

If Guest arrives and decides to leave early, the nights not spent are not refunded.

  1. Rates

We will do our best to ensure that the rental price of your accommodation will not be subject to any surcharge once you have paid the initial deposit and received signed paperwork. However, we reserve the right to increase or decrease our published prices at any time. Currently, rental rates are subject to 12% sales tax in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties. If the State and/or County alters the tax rate, we may need to amend your booking amount accordingly.

  1. Disclaimer

RBDT and it’s employees are not responsible for errors. Details, inventory and features of the Unit are subject to change. RBDT shall not be liable to Guest, Renter’s guests, invitees or any other person for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property on or about the rental premises. Guest shall hold RBDT harmless and indemnified from and against all loss or damage occasioned by use, misuses or abuse of any part of or fixture on the premises, surrounding areas and from or against any omission, neglect, or default of the Renter, his/her guests or invitees. The Guest acknowledges that Realty by Dale Thomas acting solely in the capacity of Agent for the property owner, assumes no liability hereunder.

RBDT is the Agent for the Owner of this Unit and reserves the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason, to cancel a reservation and/or relocate a Guest to another unit. The Owner also reserves the right to place this unit for sale. The Renter herby agrees to save and hold harmless the Owner of the property and the Agency from all costs due to injury or damage to any person or property whatsoever, any of which is caused by an activity, condition or event arising out of the use of the rental property or for loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind.